Curriculum Vitae

IOV SAS, Director of Engineering

June 2018 — January 2020

As a senior software developer, I developed the multi blockchain library IOV Core. Over time I took on more responsibilities and mentored three small teams while overseeing the company's overall technology stack. In October 2019 we successfully launched a name service on a Tendermint-based blockchain.

Lisk community, Independent contributor

April 2018 — May 2018

Looking for a proof of work alternative I stumbled into Lisk, the first blockchain community I joined. In the first weeks I analyzed key management and signing security. Along the way I contributed a bunch of bugfixes to the blockchain node and the wallet. Later I worked on network security. I fixed a critical bug that caused a network halt and later discovered and responsibly disclosed a critical transaction malleability bug in Lisk and its forks.

myBlix GmbH, Mobile Developer iOS/Swift

May 2016 — March 2018

In a small team of 3 iOS devs, one Android and one backend dev we developed a mobile chat application from MVP stage to a solid production ready application with thousands of users. The work included big refactorings of existing code, integration of the chat SDK Layer and design of a JSON:API over REST backend.

Kullo GmbH, Co-Founder/CEO

2013 — present

I co-founded the secure communication solution Kullo. Kullo's objective was to create an email alternative that is end-to-end encrypted and very user-friendly at the same time. The startup was funded by a grant from the European Social Fund as well as business angels. After 2 years of development, we brought Kullo for Desktop to market in 2015, followed by mobile apps for iOS and Android one year later. Incorporating feedback of users and customers, we significantly improved the UX over time under the constraints that come with securely encrypted data.

Technische Universität Darmstadt, BSc.

2008 — 2012

I studied Mathematics with Computer Science as a minor and wrote a Bachelor's thesis in the field of post quantum cryptography at the Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt.